1933 Dutch general election

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1933 Dutch general election
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All 100 seats in the House of Representatives
51 seats needed for a majority
Turnout94.5% (Increase 1.8 pp)
Party Leader % Seats +/–
RKSP Piet Aalberse 27.9% 28 −2
SDAP Johan Willem Albarda 21.5% 22 −2
ARP Hendrikus Colijn 13.4% 14 +2
CHU Dirk Jan de Geer 9.1% 10 −1
LSP Dirk Fock 7.0% 7 −1
VDB Dolf Joekes 5.1% 6 −1
CPN Louis de Visser 3.2% 4 +2
SGP Gerrit Hendrik Kersten 2.5% 3 0
RSP Henk Sneevliet 1.3% 1 +1
NBTMP Cornelis Vervoorn & Arend Braat 1.3% 1 0
RKVP Pius Aarts 1.1% 1 +1
CDU Harm van Houten 1.0% 1 +1
HGSP Casper Lingbeek 0.9% 1 0
VNH Cornelius Snijders 0.8% 1 New
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Cabinet before Cabinet after
Third Ruijs de Beerenbrouck cabinet
Second Colijn cabinet

General elections were held in the Netherlands on 26 April 1933.[1] The Roman Catholic State Party remained the largest party in the House of Representatives, winning 28 of the 100 seats.[2]


Men putting up election posters
Roman Catholic State Party1,037,34327.8728–2
Social Democratic Workers' Party798,63221.4622–2
Anti-Revolutionary Party499,89013.4314+2
Christian Historical Union339,8089.1310–1
Liberal State Party258,7326.957–1
Free-thinking Democratic League188,9505.086–1
Communist Party Holland118,2363.184+2
Reformed Political Party93,2732.5130
Revolutionary Socialist Party48,4051.301+1
National Farmers', Horticulturists' and Middle Class Party47,6531.2810
Roman Catholic People's Party40,8941.101+1
Christian Democratic Union38,4591.031+1
Hervormd Gereformeerde Staatspartij33,9880.9110
Alliance for National Reconstruction30,3290.811New
Independent Socialist Party27,4760.740New
Catholic Democratic League20,4270.550New
General Dutch Fascist League17,1570.460New
General Democratic Union14,5670.390New
Nationaal Verbond Plicht, Orde, Recht11,1620.300New
Christian Workers Party6,7870.1800
Union of Nationalists6,4490.1700
Limburg Federation6,3580.170New
Roman Catholic Labour Party6,2020.170New
Justice and Freedom4,2670.110New
Market Traders3,1840.090New
Wolswinkel List3,0300.080New
Independent Businessmen2,4220.070New
National Socialist Party2,1270.060New
Dutch Fascist Union1,7710.050New
Jacobs List1,6290.040New
RK Bouwvakarbeiders1,3300.040New
Eijking List1,1800.030New
Handeldrijvende Middenstand1,1230.030New
Dutch League of Taxpayers9400.030New
General Welfare Party8920.0200
Main and Manual Workers7630.0200
New Socialist Party7460.020New
Engels List7250.020New
National Union of Labour Interest5510.010New
For General Welfare5170.010New
De Wit List5100.010New
Bongers List4730.010New
Zuiderzee Party3380.010New
General Dutch Tenants' League2940.010New
Orange Fascists2610.010New
Universal Party2370.010New
National Workmen's Party2270.010New
Anti-Crisis Party1970.010New
Triesscheijn List1930.010New
Proletarian Group1850.000New
Central Democratic Labour Party1820.000New
Building and Reconciliation1420.000New
General Workers' League970.000New
Groothuis List900.000New
Valid votes3,721,80095.44
Invalid/blank votes177,8274.56
Total votes3,899,627100.00
Registered voters/turnout4,126,49094.50
Source: Nederlandse verkiezingsuitslagen


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